Why Invest on the FRENNS platform?

An innovator in the peer-to-peer (P2P) financing space, the FRENNS platform provides investors with the opportunity to make short-term, secure investments with fixed returns.

The auctioning platform enables investors to bid on unpaid invoices placed up for auction by companies seeking financing. Investors deposit capital to their online account, and place bids on those invoices using a digital robot to facilitate the process and enabling the transaction to be finalised within seconds.

If using the robot tool, transactions will be finalized in seconds and capital will be automatically re-invested in new invoices to create additional revenue streams as per personalized user settings. Simply set the parameters and let the robot do the work.

Once the stipulated date arrives, the investor is repaid their initial investment in full, plus interest. If the robot manages the bidding, the capital is re-invested immediately after an invoice is paid. The automated system cyclically reinvests capital, ensuring that opportunities for profit are never lost.

Additionally, all invoices are credit insured which increases the security. Individual expected earnings vary widely. Interest rates are between 10-45% per year, depending on the size on the invoice and what is set as a required return.

With FRENNS on your side, you can:

  • Achieve the return you want on your money without being pinned to a long-term commitment
  • Support companies to grow and realise their potential
  • Diversify risk by financing multiple invoices across different countries, payment terms and credit quality

How it works, in three simple steps

Deposit capital

Deposit capital Browse available invoices up for auction

Make a bid

Make a bid and connect with SME’s who are seeking your financing

Receive funds

Collect the return on your investment Reinvest your capital and bid on more lucrative transactions


Ready to get started?

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Provide a few simple details to become a platform participant

Get Approved

Once we verify your details, you can start
bidding on invoices

Fund Your Account

Seize new opportunities by reinvesting your returns to
finance additional


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