How does it work?

Our goal was to make the process as simple as possible. Companies upload their invoice and place it up for bid. Once the best bid is chosen, the funds are transferred immediately.

Investors use a robot tool to place their bids on various invoices available on the auction, and the transaction is processed directly after its approval.

Sync/upload your invoices

Synchronise your online accounting system with the FRENNS platform or individually upload invoices

We process them…

Quickly and efficiently with customer approvals and e-invoices.

Receive funds

Transferred directly into your account within an hour after the auction closes


FRENNS is an innovative, fully automated platform that leverages AI to provide invoice financing for SMEs in Europe. It is a fast, efficient and safe way for budding companies to access the capital they need to prosper and grow, and investors to earn a return with low risk on short-term investments.

Invoice financing has been used for years to source capital, but traditional providers make it complicated and even impossible for a large portion of SMEs. FRENNS makes it possible by connecting enterprises with investors directly, thereby eliminating the middle man and the need for collateral.

Enterprises that want to place an invoice up for bid can join the platform and begin the process in one hour or less. No more waiting 2-20 days for regular invoice financing companies.

Once they are on board, the system analyzes SMEs’ real time financial situations using patented technology to sync with up to 800 various accounting systems throughout the globe – making credit scores irrelevant, and granting access to finance for thousands of companies who need it. Investors are able to make proper assessments with unparalleled transparency and security.



FRENNS have all in one cost for the user of our services

Face value of the invoice (excl VAT)


Payment terms to your customer

30 Days

Direct advancement:


Invoice value:


Cost for financing:


Invoice insurance with collection:


Returned after 30 days:


With FRENNS you know exactly what it cost when you prepare your invoice for financing

The costs are calculated on your invoice value. We allow any size of companies to do financing through us. We can also finance your invoice if you have no credit rating.

You are responsible for that the money is paid against the invoice and you can remind the customer yourself also if you would like to.

No additional costs for registration and transactions. Your invoice is also insured


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